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Top Projects of 2021: Chosen by You

In a year that has been chaotic to say the least, we at ABD wanted to take a moment and highlight the design projects that sparked your interest the most across our social media channels. We had many projects we loved, but these three really got your attention. 

Contrasting Kitchen

One thing is for certain, you all loved the contrasting tones in this kitchen. The tones of wood with a crisp clean white backsplash and countertop are the reason we fell in love with this project. 

Two Tone Kitchen

In the scope of our Transitional style Kitchens in 2021, this project stands out. From just a first glance, the space makes a huge statement with the two different tones in the cabinetry. The darker tones are paired with a richer granite island, which also contrasts with the other countertops in quartz. The strength of this kitchen is the way all these pieces work together to create a cohesive statement in the heart of the home. 

Hexagon House

It’s obvious why this project ended up on this list. It’s rare that a project can be so unique, but this house—which features a hexagon shaped living space—manages to do that. The design of the space is so clean and the tones of wood and green help to create a calming atmosphere. Keep posted for more of this project!

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