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Under New Ownership: a sit down with ABD’s owners about their vision for the future

We are thrilled to announce that Associated in Building + Design is under new ownership – Heather and Alison! These two dynamic sisters are taking over for their father, Bob, who has led our company since its founding. Heather and Alison are bringing fresh ideas, new perspectives, and a commitment to excellence to our business. Read on to learn more about our new owners, their plans for the future, and what this means for our clients.

From Behind the Scenes

Since both sisters made a career change to join the ABD team, they have worked behind the scenes, learning the ins and outs of every aspect of the business—from design to construction. When their father decided it was time to step back for a new chapter in his career, Heather and Alison stepped up, determined to continue his legacy while also forging their own path.

For Heather and Alison, learning everything has been like “drinking from a firehose.” Neither of them started their careers poised to take over ADB, but in the process they have taken every opportunity to learn every single part of the company. Heather focuses on the marketing, design, and accounting side, while Alison focuses primarily on the production side.

“I act like a sponge, so I can absorb as much information as I can”, Alison said when discussing the challenges of her role. Alison’s role, in particular, is heavily male-dominated in the greater remodeling industry. Those doubts from others don’t bother her too much though. “I’m sure that I will run into people along the way that don’t expect a women, but I take my role as a big responsibility.”

Towards the future

Of course, Heather and Alison also understand the importance of staying true to our core values. They are committed to providing exceptional attention to detail on every project. They believe that their customers deserve not only beautiful homes. but also a stress-free, enjoyable remodeling experience from start to finish. “We would like to be a great remodeling company that continues to build relationships one home at a time” Heather said, when looking towards the next 10 years of ABD.

One important factor that Heather and Alison repeated often was how important it has been to surround themselves with the lovely team members we have at ABD. Alison said it best when she said that “having a core group surrounding us is what really makes us an act like a team.” ABD wouldn’t be a full-service design and build company without the team that brings it all together.

As we look to the future of Associated in Building + Design, we couldn’t be more excited about the leadership of Heather and Alison!

At Associates in Building + Design, we have the experience and expertise to create the spaces of your dreams. Contact us to get started today by filling out our contact form or giving us a call at 970-225-2323. You can view our most recent work on Instagram and Facebook!

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