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Popular Interior Design Styles

With so many differing options for interior design, we wanted to break down some of the most popular styles of decorating your interiors. Top to bottom, these five styles are easily recognizable—like Mid Century Modern.


Most decor is rooted in traditional interior design. It’s versatile and allows you to make it your own by incorporating pieces that speak to your lifestyle and personality. There is depth and layering with a variety of patterns, textures and ornate details (such as detailed area rugs). Traditional interior design usually features darker wood tones for furniture and rich-toned hardwood flooring.


With an emphasis on horizontal and vertical lines with few curves and is simple with minimal clutter, modern design utilizes natural materials. This can be seen in unpainted wood, metals and leather and lets in natural light with little to no window coverings. Furniture tends to be low and follows the aesthetic of horizontal and clean lines.


This design style incorporates a mix of traditional furnishings and modern elements that keep it from looking like too much of one style while giving a relaxed and warm feeling. The color palette is neutral and incorporates textural elements such as wood, glass, lacquer, rattan, fabric, steel and metal. The use of accessories is limited and wall art may be one larger piece versus many smaller ones.


Rustic style takes inspiration from the outdoors with farmhouse and industrial styles while placing an emphasis on natural and weathered finishes: raw wood, stone, burlap, and leather. Rustic doesn’t focus on clean lines, but rather allows the character of each piece to stand out.

Rustic interior design

Mid Century Modern

This style looks amazing in almost any room and is essentially fail proof! Key characteristics of MCM pieces include curved, unique shapes (think geometric!) that are angular and clean and can be made of metal, wood, glass and vinyl. The MCM color palette is primarily neutral tones (white, black and wood tones) with bright accent colors: earthy greens, fall oranges/yellows, aquamarine, teal and deep clay red.

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