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Update Your Home with Urbane Bronze

Sherwin Williams recently announced Urbane Bronze as the 2021 Color of the Year. This natural and calming color is going to be used everywhere this year, especially in many homes. There are lots of ways for you to add Urbane Bronze to your home this year, and we want to share some of our favorites with you. Here’s how you can update your home with Urbane Bronze.

In Your Kitchen

There are so many ways to incorporate Urbane Bronze into your kitchen this year. One place you can add a pop of color is on your cabinets. This gorgeous color would look great on your lower-level cabinets or even on your kitchen island. This is a great color choice to create a more grounded look in this space. Another great space for the color of the year is on the walls! Urbane Bronze is rooted in nature to create a feeling of serenity, making it the perfect color for your kitchen walls. If you don’t want to spend the time or money on painting, you can still add this color to your kitchen walls with wallpaper or a backsplash. One last place for Urbane Bronze in your kitchen is in your chairs. Get some new bar stools or dining table chairs in a similar color to add the perfect pop of color to your kitchen. Try incorporating these ideas into your kitchen and watch as the space transforms right in front of your eyes.

In Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is a great space for the 2021 color of the year. There are so many great places to add pops of Urbane Bronze without painting your walls, though that is definitely an option. One way to add this relaxing hue to your bedroom is with a new comforter. There are tons of comforter color and pattern options to choose from so you can get exactly what you want while also staying up to date with the latest trends. Next, you can incorporate the color of the year into your bedroom with new curtains. Not only is Urbane Bronze a very calming color, it’s also perfect for keeping out any unwanted light. Finally, we recommend adding lots of Urbane Bronze accessories. Add a patterned rug, a funky lamp, or a trendy accent chair to make your bedroom stand out. Any of these options will add a new layer of comfort and tranquility to your bedroom.

In Your Family Room

Adding Urbane Bronze to your family room can be so much fun. Our favorite suggestion for this space is to look for new accent pillows. Everyone loves a good pillow, which makes this the perfect place to start. Mix solid pillows with patterned ones for an aesthetically pleasing look. Have fun and experiment with this to get the best results. Next, we recommend adding some artwork to your walls. Look for pieces that contain the 2021 color of the year or spruce up your favorite work of art with an Urbane Bronze frame. Our final, and most comfortable, suggestion is to add new pieces of furniture to your family room. Invest in a new couch, chair, or bottom in this neutral shade. It will change the look of your family room while also serving as a place for you to relax and gather with friends and family.

There are many different ways to incorporate the 2021 color of the year into your home. At ABD-Ltd., we understand that your home should feel like an extension of yourself. Let us help design your dream home today. Give us a call at 970-255-2323 or fill out our contact form to get started today. In the meantime, take a look at our Instagram page for inspiration and a peak at our portfolio.

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