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Remodeling for the Bakers | Ft. Collins

Remodeling for the Bakers

By Associates in Building + Design
Published August 28, 2017

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As a design and build firm specializing in remodeling and custom building, our team at ABD loves when our clients dream big.  When our team met with the Bakers, it was clear that they wanted to make this home functional for a family. They wanted a fresh, new look in their traditional 1990s home. A living area with a relaxing atmosphere and a large open kitchen with plenty of space were just some of the aspects that the Bakers were dreaming of.

fireplace collageThanks to ABD’s touch, the living room is now considerably more open with modern features and finishes. Our team repainted the room a light gray color, creating a calming and elegant effect. Compared to the white walls in the beginning, this shade of gray is faint enough to be neutral, but saturated enough to make a huge impact and difference in the room. The trim on the windows and door were stained, making the dark wood a perfect pair for the light walls. In addition, the once traditional red brick fireplace was redesigned to fit the room. The new natural sandstone runs from floor to ceiling, creating a dramatic appeal, and it features a wood beam mantle. These small changes made a huge impact on the tone and livability for the Bakers new living room!

kitchen counter collageThe kitchen remodel focused on both structural elements and surfaces, creating an entirely new layout and design scheme. Before embarking on the kitchen remodel, we had to define the Bakers’ lifestyle. The kitchen required more space and needed to provide plenty of room for storage, cooking and eating.  Walls and built-ins were taken out to extend the room, and the layout was entirely rearranged to allow for a more functional, open kitchen. The once-bland colors of the kitchen, which included pale wood, white walls, white appliances and a white and pale pink backsplash, were turned modern with new dark cabinetry and dark stained floors, which provided a richer, contemporary look. New granite and quartz countertops, a subway tile backsplash, updated appliances, an additional island and better lighting took this kitchen from 90s to state-of-the-art. The granite was owner, Leasa’s favorite element and what the entire kitchen was centered on.

ban. collageWhen it comes to renovations, there are a lot of tiny details that must not be overlooked. Stairs and railings are often one of the finest pieces of permanent furniture in your home, and they’re a simple way to add in unique craftsmanship and detail. Updating your handrail and banisters is a simple way to revitalize your home in a highly visible and important area. At ABD, we’re known for mixing wood and iron or other metals. We converted the classic vertical wooden banister and railing in the Baker’s home to a modernized, unique horizontal design. Mixing dark wood hand rails with metal spindles rejuvenates the area and provides character that can be seen throughout the open living area.

bathroom collageThe final space that the Bakers wanted to update was the master bathroom. Prior to renovations, the bathroom featured carpet flooring, light wood accents and a white and green tile backsplash that was considerably outdated. The team at ABD decided to incorporate the same fresh gray color and dark stained wood from the living area throughout the bathroom. Gray tile was added throughout the bathroom for both functionality and design, and new light fixtures and countertops were incorporated as well. Perhaps the biggest change in the room was removing the tiled-in tub and replacing it was a beautiful free-standing tub.

At ABD, we are fully dedicated to making the remodeling experience as easy as possible for our clients. We apply innovation and creativity to every project, big or small, to ensure complete satisfaction. If you’re ready to remodel your home in Ft. Collins, give us a call at 970-225-2323 or visit