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Remodel Archives: Revitalized Mid-Century Home

There are some projects that really stick with us. This project in particular serves as such a good example of how a remodel can change everything about a home. We are going to highlight the changes we made to turn this dark and outdated space into a bright and welcoming home for our retiring clients.

This house had many amazing features we really wanted to bring out in this 2019 remodel. While this property had beautiful lakefront views, the layout of the floor plan left most rooms disconnected from enjoying the location. With an opportunity to open the space, our goals were clear. We set out to update the flooring, lighting, and cabinetry; and introduce more natural light and scenic views.

While we did update the whole home, the main feature we are going to focus on is the kitchen. The kitchen was formerly a small, closed off space. A single cut out, allowed for tight dining for two at the counter. You could peer through this cutout to see the outdoors through the dining space or possibly get a look from a small window in the kitchen.

The new kitchen is a totally open space. It anchors the kitchen, dining room, and living room together. The white features in the countertops and the cabinetry add to the new-found brightness from opening the space. Both industrial and natural features play off of each other to balance out the room. Finally, The lake view is now the centerpiece of this space. Its hard to believe it’s the same home as before.

Interior remodeling, especially a project of this magnitude, can be daunting. But with the right team in place, it’s easy to bring new life to an old home. If you’re looking for a custom remodeler in Fort Collins or northern Colorado, visit us at abd-ltd.com. You can also find lots of ideas, complete projects and more on the our Instagram or Facebook.

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