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Old-Fashioned Meets Present-Day Design

Old-Fashioned Meets Present-Day Design

By Associates in Building + Design
Published May 21, 2018

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custom closetOut-of-date features, crowded living spaces and aging fixtures and finishes can cause safety hazards and uncomfortable living, which are two major issues that our ABD team tries to prevent. When the Davison’s called us with a remodeling project for their master bedroom and bathroom due to aged appearances and cramped spaces, we were thrilled to take on the challenge!

The master bedroom is called just that for a reason. It deserves a comfortable and relaxed living, as well as space for all the belongings you want to surround you. Small areas and inadequate bedroom size mean that your privacy is compromised. When the project began, the Davison’s bedroom had pale green walls, the doors were dated and the lighting needed to be renewed. One important area for modification was the closet, as it was open and featured few shelves and little storage.

In every home, you need a place to put all of your clothing, outerwear and personal gear. Having a private place to dress and prepare for the day ahead can make a huge difference. Pictured below is how we transformed this once crowded space into an amazing, organized retreat. We added tons of shelving, drawers, hanging space and even a full-body length mirror.Before and After Master Bath

To make the bedroom a true place of comfort, we also painted the walls a refreshing white, added recessed lighting and modernized the doors.

Bathrooms of the past focused on function more than style, and an atmosphere of personal indulgence could only be found in day spas. Today, bathrooms focus on lots of space, elegant showers, and unique tub and sink designs. The outdated fixtures in this home were showing their fair share of wear and tear, and it was beyond time to update everything.

The Davison’s remodeled their bathrooms into an oasis. The cabinets in the master bath are now pearly white with tons of storage, and a dual vanity features updated fixtures while modern lights hang from the ceiling. A breathtaking transformation is the walk-in shower and toilet area. Both feature a two-tone slate gray and white palette, and while the bathroom has a modernized door, the shower boasts of a classy door-less design.

Before and After Guest BathThe guest bath was also redesigned with updated features and fixtures and showcases a matte black palette. Check out these amazing alterations made to the bathrooms!

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