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Meet Mike Caldwell, Project Manager

Meet Mike Caldwell, Project Manager

By Associates in Building + Design
Published January 15, 2019

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Mike Project Manager In the homebuilding industry, every day can be a new adventure and unpredictable situations can occur instantaneously. Due to the fact that a new home construction project is always shifting, it’s essential that we hire project managers with an array of experience and knowledge to handle diverse situations and meet assorted objectives.

Mike Caldwell joined our team three years ago as a project manager after meeting ABD Founder and President Bob Peterson. “I knew I would be challenged by this job which is something I like, for me the easier the job the more boring it is,” states Caldwell. Mike has proven success in the industry and knows what it takes to provide clients with the best possible service from beginning to end.

With a diverse background in general construction, welding and quality control, Mike is a seasoned project manager who has a day-to-day workload that varies from paperwork to communication with clients and trade partners. From scheduling, problem solving and working with other ABD departments, he describes his special talent as being able to handle many different trades and do them well! “I deal with situations head on, don’t put things off and work well with others,” states Mike. “Those are the strengths that make me so successful in my career.”

With tons of new projects coming in 2019, Mike mentions that what motivates him is doing better each year than the last. “I enjoy working with the ABD team, and as with most careers, there are stressful times but there are also very rewarding times,” he explains. “I just really enjoy seeing clients overwhelmed with joy when they see the finished project.” Despite unpredictable situations that arise, seeing the customer pleased with the product and service and having clients speak highly of him and the team is the most rewarding part of Mike’s career. “The most challenging part of my job is learning how to deal with each individual client,” he states. “Everyone is different so trying to find the right path of communication with clients at the beginning of each project can be a challenge.”

Many of our clients praise for Mike for the attention he gives each and every project. We consistently hear how Mike’s skills and details are top-notch. “Clients should know that I work really hard and when something isn’t right, I don’t sleep well until it’s corrected,” he states.

Mike was born in Boulder, Colorado and has lived in northern Colorado his whole life. In his spare time, Mike likes to ride and race dirt bikes with friends. “I won a Colorado State Championship last season and that was a goal I’ve had my entire life,” he exclaims.

Each of our team members at ABD brings a set of unique skills to the table, and we are honored to call each member family! To learn more about ABD and our team members, visit