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Fort Collins Named No.4 in Happiest Cities to Live

Fort Collins Named No.4 in Happiest Cities to Live

By Associates in Building + Design
Published November 8, 2017

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Fort CollinsAccording to new research published by National Geographic, people are living their best lives right here in Fort Collins! In recent studies developed by National Geographic bestselling author Dan Buettner and a team of scientists, Fort Collins was named the one of the top four happiest cities in the United States. Located just 60 miles south, Boulder, Colorado topped the list as the number one happiest city in the county.  What makes these cities prosperous and ensures that residents are living their best lives? National Geographic narrowed it down to some of these factors:

Sense of Community

Fort Collins’ focus on education and local amenities has made it a national and regional standout city. The performance of its public school system is spectacular and at the center of Fort Collins’ academic and cultural atmosphere is Colorado State University, which Forbes magazine recognized as one of “America’s Most Entrepreneurial Universities.”

To help strive for academic excellence, Fort Collins has invested extensively in its local library system, cultural offerings and public learning opportunities. The city’s Fort Collins Museum of Discovery, a hands-on learning space, featuring an array of traditional and pop-science exhibits is a regional destination.

Aside from the educational systems, the city’s vibrant craft brewing scene also brings people together from all walks of life for the shared love of beer. Fort Collins is home to more than 20 craft breweries, including the world-renowned New Belgium Brewing Company.

Access to Nature

Nestled at the base of the Rocky Mountains, Fort Collins offers a wealth of outdoor activities and geographic beauty. Recreational activities in the city range from biking to hiking to snowboarding and kayaking. Thanks to 600 acres of parks, 40,000 acres of natural areas, 20 miles of off-street hiking trails and more than 280 miles of on-street bike lanes, residents have plenty of opportunities to get in-touch with nature.

Growing Economy

In the past five years, the population of Fort Collins has grown by 7.5 percent due to the growing economy, unemployment rates and real estate values.

Earlier this year, a study found that the restaurant scene in Fort Collins has been growing at record rated for the past three years. Fort Collins currently houses about 620 brick and mortar restaurants, which equals out to one for every 258 residents; double the national average.

Fort Collins enjoys the presence and job provision of Fortune 500 luminaries such as Anheuser-Busch, Eastman Kodak, Hewlett-Packard and Agilent Technologies. Key sectors that support the economy include manufacturing, high tech, higher education and the state and federal government. Other opportunities that can be found in Fort Collins include water innovations, clean energy and bioscience.

Just this year, Fort Collins has made the list of 16 best-places, not including National Geographic’s. Some of these top accolades include being among the best places to raise a family, find a career, stay in shape and buy a home. If you’re ready to make Fort Collins your new home, or remodel your home to fit into your lifestyle, contact our ABD team at