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Custom Basement Remodeling Project Creates Cool Hangout Space

Custom Basement Remodeling Project Creates Cool Hangout Space

By Associates in Building + Design
Published July 24, 2019

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We love doing custom home remodels and the Asmus basement project we recently finished is no exception. We were able to take an unused, unfinished basement and turn it into a cool hangout for the whole family!

One of our initial changes for this home improvement task was the stairs. The first thing anyone will see when making their decent into the basement is the stairs, so we knew this upgrade was an important one. We added a simple but chic metal railing to help give this area of the house a modern look and feel. This improvement coupled with a paint touchup and a simple baseboard addition created an entirely new staircase.

One of our favorite add-ons to the Asmus basement was the kitchenette. Dark, oak colored cabinets contrast with the lighter, white marble countertops. The stainless-steel accents and appliances accentuate the room to give it a contemporary theme. With a full sink, refrigerator, freezer, wine cooler and ample amounts of cabinet storage, this area is perfect for hosting game nights, sports viewings and kickbacks of all kinds!

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The third area to be updated in this new-and-improved basement remodel was the bathroom! The white marbled countertops, stainless-steel fixtures, and rich wooden cabinets match the kitchen, unifying the entire basement. With plenty of counterspace, a double vanity sink, and multiple outlets, there is enough room for two people to meet their bathroom needs at the same time, without any worries of overcrowding.

Another new feature in the bathroom is the upgraded shower-bathtub combo. Decorated with a honeycomb patterned slate tiling, the walls of this luxurious new shower are a light gray color that ties in nicely with the stainless-steel faucet and handheld, detachable showerhead. Also included in this bathroom are glass sliding doors and two hollowed out shelves.

At Associates in Building + Design, we love to help homeowners realize the full potential of the place they live. With all custom home remodels, we strive to create a space that is not only functional, but also beautifully crafted and expertly designed. For more information on remodeling your home or details on our services, call 970-225-2323 or visit our website at