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Creating Hygge in Fort Collins

Creating Hygge in Fort Collins

By Associates in Building + Design
Published February 9, 2018

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exteriorHow do the Scandinavian countries, that endure the longest, coldest winters, manage to be the happiest nations in the world? It’s called hygge – pronounced “hue-guh.” Hygge has no direct translation in English; words like “cozy,” “togetherness” and “well-being” only begin to cover the true meaning and feeling of the word.

When our ABD team began remodeling the 10,000-square-foot Fort Collins home, we completely removed everything in the home down to the studs. Even the flooring was cleared away, and many of the interior walls were eliminated. This once traditional mountain home with a wooden, domestic setting was transformed into a Scandinavian-style home incorporated with a hygge vibe. The mountain vibe would soon become a modern black and white color scheme throughout the entire home with vibrant pops of color peaking through rooms.

The Scandinavian interior design alludes to landscapes and is cleaner with lighter tones to combat the darkness of cold winter nights. The black and white color scheme this family chose allows them to group together objects of every type to create instant scenes of beauty from their personal belongings, while also keeping a clean and modern look. Plus, white brightens the room at all times of the day.  Walls made of metal and glass, brass fixtures, clean lines and lots of natural light make this home a picturesque setting for Colorado winters.Hygge - mermaid

Hygge is about slowing down and enjoying the little things, like a relaxing shower. With multiple showers in the home featuring unique patterns, find yourself against a backdrop of one-of-a-kind mermaid tile, herringbone tile with contrast grout or even a honeycomb-patterned shower. Who wouldn’t want to spend hours washing their troubles away? Wood furniture can also warm your home life by making you feel closer to nature. The beauty of the outdoors was brought to this gorgeous home in one of the bathrooms through floor-to-ceiling shiplapped walls in a natural finish, as well as unique patterned floor reminiscent of a sunrise or rainbow.

Simplifying daily tasks can also help your family decompress. The modern kitchen of the Shallow Pond home was remodeled to have a 48-inch SubZero refrigerator, which means our team extended the kitchen wall to fit this massive machine. Additional food storage can be found in the garage refrigerator, while the kitchen features extensive dishwashers and cabinetry complete with stunning oversized hardware. Also adding to the reduction of daily tasks are the double numerous washers and dryers. Having these machines means getting through double the amount of washing and drying in half the time!

Creating Hygge in Fort CollinsThe interior isn’t the only incredible transformation that took place at the Fort Collins home. The exterior saw a complete overhaul with the exterior stucco finish being painted a bright off-white complete with grey and black accents in the form of window trim and house trim. In addition, the spacious deck was updated with a modern outdoor fireplace, natural wood flooring and a tongue-and-groove white ceiling.

This magnificent home isn’t finished just yet! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and our online News feed to follow the progress and see more transformation pictures.