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Choosing an Accent Wall - Associates in Building + Design, Ltd.

Choosing the Perfect Accent Wall

By Associates in Building + Design
Published November 3, 2022

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When deciding how to incorporate the perfect accent wall into your home, you might ask yourself a hundred questions! Which wall do I pick? Which accent would look best? What color(s)?

There are no set rules on which wall to create an accent on, but most people choose the main focal wall in the room. If you need help deciding, walk into that room and notice where your eyes go to first or which wall do you find yourself looking at often.

When deciding the type of accent wall you want, look up design styles and decide which correlates to decor you already have in your home. Here are a few accent wall ideas paired with common design styles to help narrow it down!

Farmhouse: Shiplap, stone, brick

Modern: Tall board and batten, slat wall

Bold | Trendy: wallpaper with bold patterns and colors, geometric wall

Traditional: board and batten, wainscotting, traditional wallpaper

Now you need to decide whether you’ll DIY or hire a professional! There are endless tutorials and blogs available to help you decide!