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Bringing the Outdoors in: Summer 2022 Design Trends

Design trends come and go and with another season upon us, new ways to freshen your space appear. This season’s focus is a continued emphasis on the natural world around us. With Mother’s Day in the rearview, we know that summer is upon us here in Colorado. You may have started your garden back up with wildflowers, got out and enjoyed the beautiful views all over the state, or maybe you’re just happy to leave the jacket at home and drive home with the sunlight. Whatever ways you are getting into summer, you may be looking for quick ways to bring the spirit into your spaces with an emphasis on bringing the outdoors into your home. 

Color Pallets

Many of us began tossing out loud colors at the beginning of the year. Ditching them to embrace greens and neutral tones in spaces we wanted to reflect a calm mood. Most of which was to contrast to the way the world around us feels. As the year has continued, that has only increased. Don’t hit the panic button, it’s not 50 shades of beige, at least it doesn’t have to be. Maybe a bright green velvet couch isn’t your vibe either. Regardless there are simple ways to dress up your space with décor that can bring the pops of calming colors and especially green into your home. So have some fun with it: add some new pillows to your couch, switch up your bedding, change the elements on your coffee table, or replace an old rug. With a focus on calming and relaxing tones, you’ll nail this season’s trend.

Plant Parents Rejoice

Speaking of green, bringing the outdoors in can be just as simple as you’d think. Adding plants to dress up a space is certainly nothing new. At the beginning of the pandemic there was a huge boom with indoor plants, as we were all stuck inside right at the start of Spring 2020. I know that for a lot of us here at ABD—including some of us who had never taken care of a plant with much success—plants have become a big part of making our spaces feel more like a home.

Not only can they bring a touch of life into your design, but certain plants can have benefits for your home life. This includes improving indoor air quality. A true win-win for home life. Plus, there are plenty of resources out there to help you pick the right plants for the amount of light you get and to keep your pets and kids safe. The possibilities are truly endless and can be the exclamation point to a comfortable design in your home. 

Natural Textures

So, you want to fully embrace the natural aesthetic in your home? You got the color pallet down, your plants are appropriately watered, what else can elevate your space? Playing with textures is a classic way of revitalizing with easy statement furniture and décor, we’ve mentioned this before in our “Design Trends ahead of 2022 Blog Post (see here). Keep these in mind: woods, limestones, rattans, and jutes. There’s no pressure to toss out the whole living room set with this one, a simple handwoven chair in a transitional space or a nice basket in the living room will lightly introduce this element. 

Rattan Chairs in Loft

The Breakdown of “Outdoors in”

Simple additions into a few of your rooms will add to the calming environment you share with your family, friends and whoever else you invite into your home this summer. Get out there and bring the outdoors into your home!

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