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A Visit to Delta Headquarters Sheds Light on New Technology

A Visit to Delta Headquarters Sheds Light on New Technology

By Associates in Building + Design
Published October 16, 2018

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Delta Faucet CompanyIf there is one thing new home trends are teaching us, it’s that the bathroom is no longer just a place to wash off dirt. It’s a personal spa where every aspect and component must come together to meet the practical needs of bathing, while also becoming a private sanctuary. Heather Schreiner, General Manager and Interior Designer at ABD recently had the opportunity to visit the headquarters of Delta Faucet Company in Carmel, Indiana. She not only got a first-hand look at evolving trends, but she also experienced brand-new, not released to the public products!

High-Tech Touch

Touch faucets have made their name in kitchen fixtures, but they are quickly expanding into the bathroom. When Heather visited Delta, she got hooked on the advancements that are taking place in the ‘touch’ program! Like the touchless faucets in the kitchen, the Delta Touch2O Technology uses motion sensors to turn the water on and off automatically. This technology offers a little more help when keeping your bathroom clean by giving users a variety of ways to operate the faucet. Users can simply touch anywhere on the spout or faucet handle or place their hands near the faucet. The faucets are also energy efficient with an automatic shut-off feature that will stop the flow of water after two minutes of no activity.

Matte Black, Brushed Gold

Matte black adds a heightened level of modern styling to any plumbing fixture. When placed against lighter surfaces and backgrounds, fixtures in matte black provide a bold contrast, creating an aesthetic that makes the entire room stand out. From faucets to showers to accessories, outfit an entire bath with coordinating finishes for a cohesive, contemporary look. Pairing perfectly with matte black is brushed gold, which isn’t going anywhere. Paired together, these finishes create a modern, sophisticated and even elegant look.

Heather also observed on her tour that there are less oil-rubbed bronze offerings and more beautiful black stainless fixtures. “This is a very cool look for bathrooms with more of a smoky stainless look, almost like dark charcoal grey,” she stated.

Brand-New Faucet Delta new faucet

One of the most exciting aspects of visiting Delta was witnessing first-hand the brand-new, limited-edition faucet made entirely of concrete. Delta will be producing only 500 of these fascinating pieces and the price range is close to $2,500.

“It is meant for a very discerning buyer,” stated Heather. “It looks really cool with a simple undermount sink and textured black granite countertops. It will certainly be a stunning conversation piece in the right powder bath.”

Not long ago, using concrete in a home as anything beyond a structural material would have been unheard of. Today, it is a top industrial modern design trend! From countertops to faucets, concrete is certainly becoming a unique trend in home design.

Delta has amazing technology in the works for the near future. Stay tuned to learn more about these products as we head to the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in February! We’ll be sharing all of the newest and coolest technology from Delta and a variety of other vendors.

As always, we encourage our clients to find a style that works best for them and their personality. Each of our clients has their own unique taste and style preferences, which means each home we build or project we complete is truly one-of-a-kind. If you’re interested in learning about more trends coming to our showroom, contact us at