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A Peek into ABD Owner’s Interior Remodel

A Peek into ABD Owner’s Interior Remodel

By Associates in Building + Design
Published February 4, 2019

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Bob's bathroom remodelIs an interior remodel on your agenda for 2019? Get inspired by ABD Founder and President Bob Peterson’s recent interior remodel! One exciting aspect about a remodel is the unlimited possibilities, but extending your living space and increasing the home’s value is also appealing. Below are the ways Bob added convenience, luxury and extra space to his home while also fulfilling the desires and preferences of his family.


There’s no denying that a bathroom remodel is a solid home investment. This spacious bathroom remodel makes the family, and guests, feel pampered and comfortable with a clean and refined style. The simple black and white design is not overwhelming, but elements such as the quartz countertop with strong veining, light-colored wood-look tile floor, bold wooden door and high-quality fixtures bring life to the room.

Instead of traditional light bars above the mirror, modern sconces outline the large mirror. Extra recessed lighting also showcases the beautiful white-on-white shower. The long countertop, with shades of white, gray and swirling black, is a classic and eye-catching touch to the room, while the wooden door leading into the bathroom warms up the room, managing to make it look sophisticated yet cozy and inviting. Plenty of storage is also provided in this spacious bathroom with an extended vanity and built-in linen closet.

Bob's Basement GymWith the commute as simple as walking downstairs, Bob is able to get a great workout and keep a tight schedule, all without leaving his home. Having your own home gym allows you to tailor your space and equipment to exactly what you need. Bob designed his space with equipment that can focus on all muscle groups. Weight benches, squat racks, dumbbells and stability balls are just a few of the items he added to his personal gym.

The gym’s basement location allows for privacy away from the activity and distractions of the home. The hardwood flooring is perfect in design and function for floor activities such as yoga and stretching, but makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze. The simple wall mirror is strategically placed for working on form, and the natural and recessed lighting provides added motivation.

Bob’s wife enjoys creating projects and crafting as a hobbyCraft and Sewing Room remodel. They decided to take advantage of a large wall in the basement and add the ultimate organization space. The beautiful white cabinetry paired with a long granite countertop may look simple, but inside the cabinets and drawers is plenty of space for all the crafting and sewing supplies she desires. The height of the countertop is ideal for standing and not having to bend your back, while a bar stool could also easily be added to allow you to sit and work.

One of the nicest things about this craft room is the large window with natural light pouring in. The darker hardwood flooring adds an upscale touch and because of the space created, additional furniture can easily be placed in the room, allowing for even more productivity.

What’s not pictured is Bob’s home office where he can work quietly without the hustle and bustle of the ABD office. Still very involved with remodeling and homebuilding, Bob is starting to take a step back and give his daughters, Heather Schreiner and Alison Johnson more day-to-day management of the company and operations.

Interior remodeling can be daunting, but with the right team, you can easily transform any space into what you desire. For more remodeling ideas and pictures for both inside and outside your home, visit us online at