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A Modern Makeover for the Atchisons

A Modern Makeover for the Atchisons

By Associates in Building + Design
Published August 27, 2018

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The most common reasons people choose to remodel their home is because they are tired of the old look and want to move into a more modern look that reflects their current style preferences. When the Atchison family came to us with a remodeling project for their gorgeous home, we couldn’t resist bringing them onboard as a client! This home is bursting with unique features and plenty of space that needs to be highlighted. Below are just a few of the different remodeling projects we did within the home.

Master and Guest Bathrooms

Traditional white bathrooms are classic because of their timeless simplicity and ability to customize. A white canvas in the bathroom gives you a cleaner background and allows you to appreciate the details of the tile and fixtures.

The master bathroom for these clients began with gold trim, light wooden cabinets, outdated tile and retro colors such as a strip of teal blue tile lining the middle of the room. The shower featured a glass surround with thick gold trim. The tub also showcased bright gold fixtures and was caddy-cornered with tons of lost space. There were skylights above the tub area, but due to the angle, it was not getting the right amount of natural light it deserved. The room also included large mirrors on the wall and above the sink, providing further reflection of the outdated elements.

Once our ABD team took charge of this space, they quickly transformed it into a relaxing haven. The cabinets no longer sport the dated wood look; the new white cabinets now brighten the entire room with more style and space. The updated countertops and fixtures also bring the bright white space to life. The large mirror that canvassed the entire wall is now two stylish circular mirrors that make the room appear spacious and clean while offering a contemporary touch.

Atchisons Bathroom

The shower and tub underwent the most dramatic change with the removal of the old tile and gold trim. The shower is still open with a glass surround but the trim-free look is clear and fresh. The tub area was completely transformed to allow a large, free-standing tub. Plus, the updated style allows for the natural light from the skylights to flow freely throughout the room.

Atchisons Bathroom

The guest bath was also a room that needed a modern makeover. The same dated wood that was present throughout the rest of the home also resided in this bathroom. Our team removed old-fashioned wallpaper and repainted the room to match the traditional crisp white theme of the newly remodeled home, while also modernizing the shower/tub area and the counter space.



Staircases play a vital role in setting the feel and look of your home. A well-designed stairway can create a warm and inviting entry into your home, while also showcasing the overall style of your home. The staircase before the remodel featured wooden railing and trim and carpeted stairs, which offered a dated feel to the beautiful home. The remodeled version showcases a classic farmhouse appeal with bright white posts, trim and risers mixed with light wood banisters and tread.

Atchisons Staircase

Walking into the home, guests are greeted by a massive entryway with a beautifully structured staircase. We wanted to enhance spaces like this in the home and also modernize it to meet the era we are living in. This renovation was rewarding to our team in so many ways and we are thrilled that the Atchisons now have a beautiful, updated home to relax in!

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