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2018 Paint Colors of the Year

2018 Paint Colors of the Year

By Associates in Building + Design
Published December 28, 2017

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color of the yearEach year, paint manufactures name a color of the year that they feel will best represent the upcoming year. Color is more than a decoration; it influences how we feel and often how we act. And in our homes, it sets the tone for what furniture we buy, the decor we invest in and the overall design of a room.


The new neutral for your home will be PPG’s 2018 Color of the Year, Black Flame. A fantastic blend of the classic hues black and navy create a timeless look. The two colors showcase a versatile style while evoking privacy and classic modernism.

Black Flame, a perfect background for a variety of design schemes and colors, can evoke a variety of feelings. From a contemporary look when used in the kitchen to a dramatic backdrop in a powder bath, the color is certainly impact. Here in Colorado, we’ve recently seen the color used on trim, countertops, kitchen island cabinetry, appliances and even a wood shiplap wall!


One of the most well-known predictors for anticipating top color trends for fashion and design is Pantone. According to the color experts at Pantone, Ultra Violet is 2018’s Color of the Year. This dramatic shade expresses originality and inspires us to think beyond our world today.

Ultra Violet adds energy and depth to any room. If you would rather wait on being adventurous by adding an all-purple color scheme to the walls, try experimenting with home accessories first. The living room can hold a bold purple couch and lamps with pride. Purple kitchen appliances, a purple glass doorknob, or even floral displays with ultra violet are ways to take baby steps into transforming a room.

Sherwin Williams

Rich, deep and complex, Sherwin Williams’ 2018 Color of the Year is Oceanside. A color that can evoke a multitude of moods, it is inspired by travel and is a combination of rich blue and jewel-toned green. A design chameleon, Oceanside can be incorporated into nearly any style, from contemporary to Midcentury modern.

Welcome guests at the front door with the lively multi-dimensional statement Oceanside gives. Inspire creative thinking in a home office or reading nook, invite relaxation into your bedroom, or brighten the kitchen. Oceanside pairs beautifully with fuchsia and creamy yellow, as well as exuberant pink and navy.

Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore color of the yearBenjamin Moore’s 2018 Color of the Year is a head-turning shade of red known as Caliente. The palette selected incorporates a full spectrum of reds, from hints of blush to deep oxblood, while ensuring seamless pairings with a carefully selected range of whites, neutrals, and complementary bold hues.

Caliente is best used in moderation. For example, the front door painted in this feisty red is definitely a warm welcome. If painting the walls is too much, then add red into your color scheme with a fun rug in the hall, by adding red dishes or cookware into your kitchen.


Behr’s first-ever Color of the Year, In the Moment, is inspired by nature and is a soothing, restorative coalescence of blue, gray and green.  The color simply speaks to our souls about relaxation and taking a break from everyday life. Reduce stress and increase the moments of joy in our lives.

Behr’s In the Moment is a casual and calm blue that immediately sends peace over your body. This is an ideal color for the living room, or create a spa-like experience by brining it into the bathroom. Paring well with other subdued colors, this neutral blue can take on a different tone depending those other accent colors. Pair it with light trim and light décor, and the room will feel airy and calm. Pair the blue with a mostly dark room, and you’ll find it feels formal and distinguished. This is also a color to be used on the exterior of the home, but it mostly seen in southern states.

All of these colors are gorgeous and can create a one-of-a-kind vibe in your own home. How can you incorporate these colors into the customization or remodeling of your new home? Very easily! Contact our ABD team and we can help you customize, remodel or decorate your home with these amazing new colors for 2018.